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Congratulations City Ridge

Listen in on any conversation at a dinner or cocktail party, and chances are good you’ll hear talk of real estate. Who’s building, who’s selling, what sales prices are doing. Throw in the fact that for us, we cut our career teeth in the hospitality industry, and we’re all ears when we hear about new developments coming to town. But City Ridge – one of DC’s biggest and most anticipated mixed-use developments – has us feeling extra pumped. The new neighborhood, located just south of Tenleytown near the National Cathedral and now leasing, will feature almost 700 apartments, office and retail space (hello, DC’s first Wegman’s!), restaurants, and amenities, all situated on the 10-acre site of Fannie Mae’s former headquarters. It’s a massive redevelopment project, and we’re proud to say that for the last year, Broad Street Brand Partners has partnered with Roadside Development and City Ridge to help lead their marketing efforts.

It’s been quite a ride, as we’ve collaborated with PR, social, and creative agencies to form the kind of multi-faceted talent pool that can get the job done. Together, we’ve worked to introduce the neighborhood while helping position it as the region’s newest urban village, complete with a burgeoning summer events schedule.

And while driving strategy and creating messaging that resonates is always at the forefront, partnering with City Ridge has reminded us of the natural synergies that come from such familiar work. Understanding the commercial real estate industry and promoting lifestyles has been a mix we’ve been doing for a long time, and we appreciate that City Ridge recognized the importance of our experience and industry-specific skillsets when they chose us to lead their marketing efforts.

The project has also highlighted what happens when partners share common goals with equal passion; leading this team of agencies and working with City Ridge feels the same as if we were in a traditional employer-employee relationship because we’re all invested in the same end-goal, and we share a mutual respect. It’s a powerful collaboration that we’re really proud of and seek to replicate with every client.

Congratulations, City Ridge. We are so glad to be a part of your team.

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