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Keep on Pushing

When Clay and I launched Broad Street just about a year ago, we said we would evaluate our business in 6 months and see how far we would go. 6 months came and went and our conversation was a pretty quick one. We decided to keep going and continue partnering with great companies to drive their marketing strategies.

What a year it has been. We learned a few things along the way; what we are good at and what we leave to the experts, what we do and don’t enjoy working on. We developed our own frameworks for building content strategies, developing go to market plans, brand foundations, and more. It’s been rewarding to build a library of tools that we can use to support our partners and help them become even more successful.

We are so happy to have come this far and look forward to years more of success for everyone we work with. Some observations from the year:

  • The clients – You are so great to work with. I hope that Clay and I were as good to work with as you have been when we were on the client side. We do approach our business as if we were on the client side and always using that lens when making decisions and providing recommendations or POVs.

  • The work – We have been fortunate to work with great leaders and help them build even stronger plans or develop strategies that put them into position to succeed. Whether we assisted a growing business to define marketing and a go to market plan for the next 12-18 months or auditing a multi brand social content strategy and putting forth a clear landscape and action plan, we’ve enjoyed learning about new industries and adapting our methods and approaches.

  • The conversations – Meeting with new people and learning about their successes and opportunities has been wonderful. We have met new people, reconnected with old and started working with some of them. Our networks have grown exponentially and we look forward to connecting more and more.

  • The business – Setting up and managing a business is a challenge in itself. Sure, you can do it yourself and I did most of the administrative work but you do need experts such as accountants and lawyers to guide. I’ll never forget a lawyer friend of mine asking about an MSA and I said “No, why would I need that”. She kindly replied via text – “You want to get paid, don’t you?” Sound advice.

  • The support system – We couldn’t have done it without our wives, kids, family, friends, mentors and former colleagues. You have all been such a rock for us to bounce ideas off of and learn from. You are also so motivating. Working late on a Friday, my youngest son gives me a small piece of paper on it that says “Keep on pushing”. It’s now taped to my monitor and always will be.

Although there was no anniversary party, we will plan to host a winter event to celebrate with our network. A huge thank you to everyone and we look forward to catching up.


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