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Taking our own content marketing advice

Content. Content production. Calling them buzzwords at this point is cliché. Organizations produce content – blogs, video, podcasts, webinars – because when done well, it works. The definition of “works,” however, is broad. Depending on your goals, content can work to drive visits to your website, leads, awareness, etc. This brings me to today’s point: we’ve got content marketing humming and working for our clients, so why not for ourselves?

The answer is simple: Time! Good content marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to produce, but it always takes time. And when you’re running a small business (and producing content for others), finding the time to do it effectively is tough. However, reviewing monthly reporting for our clients continues to demonstrate the value of good content. Here’s a quick look.

Cavalry Real Estate Advisors

One great content marketing story comes from Cavalry Real Estate Advisors. Real estate tax isn’t generally considered a scintillating topic. However, Ross Litkenhous and team put a unique spin on things, unafraid to tackle topics out of left field, offering digestible takes on complex issues, and adding personality to a subject badly in need of it.

Even better, the approach is working. To date in 2023, Cavalry’s sponsored content is driving a LinkedIn CTR more than three times higher than the national average with those users spending roughly double the amount of time on site.

Growing Management Consulting Firm

Another one of our clients is a rapidly growing management consulting firm focused on the Federal Government. We work with them to produce blog content across a variety of topics, from leadership and customer experience to employee spotlights and industry event recaps – all designed to position the firm and its team members as leaders in their field.

Through consistent posting, a test and learn audience development process, and smart spending, we have developed an engaged audience, logging sponsored-content click-through rates on LinkedIn more than double the national average. Even better, users that come to firm’s website via sponsored content ads view 32% more pages per session and spend 73% more time on the site.

The Bottom Line

So, what’s the point? It’s in the headline – we need to take our own advice! As Armand and I enter year three of growing Broad Street, content will be a key part of driving awareness of our brand, just like we’re doing for others. That means you can expect to hear more from us on a more regular basis.

P.S. If you find yourself needing real estate tax advice, hit up the Cavalry team. Let us know if we can make a connection.

Double P.S. If you find yourself needing marketing solutions or creative support, give us a ring. We are always happy to talk.

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