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The White Collar Gig Economy

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The gig economy is here to stay – but it’s changing. It started with Uber and Lyft and the “blue collar” offering of a tangible “thing” (i.e., a ride). It seemed this economy would thrive as a simple way to add an additional revenue stream to ones’ pocket, but has morphed into one where people are cobbling together full-time careers.

Like anything else, the gig economy has continued to evolve, quickly moving into the “white collar” world.


I am not talking about staff placement agencies. I am talking about the networks of fantastic designers, developers, creative directors and more that have CHOSEN to take their schedules into their own hands and choose their work.

Look at what is happening at We Are Rosie, Upwork and CareerGig. Traditional agencies are partnering with them or using their resources to help alleviate the pain that clients, including myself, have felt for so long.

In my 20 years as a client-side marketer and now in year one on the agency side, I can say this model helps in 3 ways:

1. Creative excellence: The constraints are lessened, the brain is freer and people react with thoughtful work when they work at their peak. Frankly, you get better creative if someone gets more inspiration from their art studio or home office than a corporate or agency headquarters.

2. Financial flexibility: Companies or hiring brands aren’t required to maintain a traditionally large roster of FTEs. Without that overhead, they can form relationships with great people that do great work while saving on the bottom line. This isn’t new of course, but will be more accepted moving forward.

3. Less bureaucracy: No more layers of approvals and sets of eyes and long lead times. In this world, there are direct relationships and quick decision making.

We’re always ready to talk about this model and the opportunities that exist to streamline your relationships, save money and get better results. In the meantime, wishing everyone a great end to the year that never seems to end and a fresh start in the new one.

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